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No More Cheques in the Mail with an AMS

Nothing seems more archaic in the business world than unnecessary paper processes. This digital age is not something new. It wasn’t just yesterday that almost every paper process could be replaced and made more efficient with computer software or online.


What’s an API and Why Does It Matter?

There are so many acronyms – too many. At times it can feel like there’s a jumbled alphabet bouncing around in your brain. In the tech world, it’s no exception – there’s a shorthand for everything. Fortunately, deciphering these acronyms isn’t the most important thing. Knowing what the letters stand for is far less important than what they refer to in practice.


Go from Manual to Automatic

The purpose of adopting any new solution is to make things easier, not more complicated. Certain administrative processes should be taken off your plate by being triggered automatically through your AMS. With technology, there’s no need to do everything manually anymore.

Connect to other process software

Connect All of Your Programs with Your Association Data

To run our organizations, we need to implement a bevy of solutions. Unfortunately, when it comes to process software, there is no “one size fits all” or “one-stop shop”. To add insult to injury, associations can have a large amount of data and information coming into their association management system – all of it needing to be divvied into the proper standalone software to be processed in a variety of ways (whether it be for accounting, operations, or resource management purposes).


Does the Value of Your AMS Match the Investment?

Your association management software’s cost should match the value it provides your organization. More than that, it should be clear what the cost will be from the outset and what you get for your investment. Some AMS solutions come with support from the provider built-in, while others do not. Those AMS providers that do not factor in support for their product can cost a pretty penny should you request their assistance as a follow-up service.

Customized but Configurable

How Customizable Should Your AMS Be?

Your organization should not be expected to adapt to the system you adopt. On the contrary, the association management software you choose should be adaptable to your existing workflow. Furthermore, your AMS should be capable of growing and changing with your organization. You should not be eternally beholden to a particular approach.

Define your strategic direction

Clarify Your Strategic Direction with an AMS

Clarifying your strategic direction to your membership depends greatly on the quality and frequency of communication between administrators (or association representatives) and members. There is no better way to stimulate conversation and engagement within your association than to create a definable and easily accessible community (preferably online). Implementing a comprehensive association management system will allow you to establish and grow your community.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Is Your Association Management Software Easy to Use?

You should be given training and ongoing guidance from your AMS provider on how to use your system. However, your association management software should be so straightforward and simple to understand that asking for help will be a rare event.

Expanding Reach with Your AMS

Keeping existing members and drawing in new ones is very important in maintaining a healthy and thriving association community. You’ll need to routinely provide current members with valuable content and resources, while connecting with prospective members to endear your association’s value proposition to them. Managing these interactions can be confusing to track, cumbersome to action and time consuming. Not to mention, ineffective. That is, if they are being conducted manually.

Give Your Members the Power

Allow members to self-service their own profile

The administration of an association is no small task. Doing it well requires diligence, commitment, patience and sharply focused attention to detail. However, even with a hall of fame roster of administrators, as your membership grows, even they will become overwhelmed by the incredible volume of effort required to effectively service members.

Grow existing membership / attract new members

3 Tips for Growing Your Membership

Every association’s goal is to continually grow their membership. At times, it may feel like growth has slowed down or stagnated. There are many reasons that may have caused the decrease in registration. Your association may need to spend some time reflecting and reviewing to understand what specifically may have caused the insufficient or lack of uptake.

Host e-learning

Providing Educational Value Through Your AMS

Your AMS can’t be a universal solution for your membership. It cannot be their be-all end-all – nothing can. Sometimes, members will have to go somewhere else to find answers to their questions. However, your association management system can address many of your members’ needs.

Manage organization content

House Association Content and Resources with an AMS

An AMS is the best platform for inventorying content and resources specific to your association. Through a member management system, both administrators and members can easily upload manuals, practices, policies, schematics, or any type of documentation resource. Once on the system, they can then be accessed, downloaded, shared and / or referenced with just a couple of clicks.

Organize events

Easily Facilitate Association Events with Member Management Software

Build an online community for your association membership via an AMS is critical to the success of your organization. We can’t always get association members together in person. So, building an identity for your association online that members feel a connection to is required. However, every so often, your association will get the opportunity to offer an in-person event to its membership. These events are critical opportunities to create deeper more significant relationships with members and to stimulate further buy-in to the association. These moments must be seized to ensure the continual growth and well-being of the association.

Poll members

Nothing Helps You Gauge Your Membership Better Than an AMS

Building a community through orchestration of an association is a great thing. Bringing people of similar interests and like backgrounds together provides a great benefit to them and can only support the improvement of the particular industry sector your association is meant to service. The next step is figuring out a method to positively influence your target market, because after all, we don’t start an association just to occupy space. We start an association with the intention to have a positive impact on a particular professional community.

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