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Define your strategic direction

Clarify Your Strategic Direction with an AMS

Clarifying your strategic direction to your membership depends greatly on the quality and frequency of communication between administrators (or association representatives) and members. There is no better way to stimulate conversation and engagement within your association than to create a definable and easily accessible community (preferably online). Implementing a comprehensive association management system will allow you to establish and grow your community.

Grow existing membership / attract new members

3 Tips for Growing Your Membership

Every association’s goal is to continually grow their membership. At times, it may feel like growth has slowed down or stagnated. There are many reasons that may have caused the decrease in registration. Your association may need to spend some time reflecting and reviewing to understand what specifically may have caused the insufficient or lack of uptake.

Organize events

Easily Facilitate Association Events with Member Management Software

Build an online community for your association membership via an AMS is critical to the success of your organization. We can’t always get association members together in person. So, building an identity for your association online that members feel a connection to is required. However, every so often, your association will get the opportunity to offer an in-person event to its membership. These events are critical opportunities to create deeper more significant relationships with members and to stimulate further buy-in to the association. These moments must be seized to ensure the continual growth and well-being of the association.

Poll members

Nothing Helps You Gauge Your Membership Better Than an AMS

Building a community through orchestration of an association is a great thing. Bringing people of similar interests and like backgrounds together provides a great benefit to them and can only support the improvement of the particular industry sector your association is meant to service. The next step is figuring out a method to positively influence your target market, because after all, we don’t start an association just to occupy space. We start an association with the intention to have a positive impact on a particular professional community.

Send mass messages

Easy Member Interactions with an AMS

Nothing is more important to the health of an association than an open line of communication between administrators and members (and vice versa). Your association needs to reduce the barriers to application, provide value, orchestrate meaningful initiatives and events, and implement an AMS that provides a great user experience. However, while these efforts are absolutely imperative, they will all be for not if they are not supported by thorough and ongoing communication.

Start an association

Tips for Starting an Association (and Attracting Members)

You could fill a telephone book sized manual on how best to found and position a fledgling association, chamber, society, council, foundation or what have you. This is not that. However, it is a quick hit of key tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are attempting to build a community.

With an AMS, Your Membership is at Your Fingertips

One of the greatest features of a comprehensive AMS, is its ability to put administrators in the driver’s seat of their membership. As your association grows, the number of members can become too much for administrators to manage in a meaningful way. Or, at the very least, they may not be able to manage members efficiently.

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