Transparency from Provider

When Investing in an AMS, Transparency is Everything

There should be no surprises regarding the product you are investing in, nor hidden costs. An AMS can only be as good as its provider. Gauge whether the provider is being forthwith. If you’re finding it difficult to confirm details or the answers you are getting from the provider aren’t clear, tread carefully. You have to know what you’re getting.

Every AMS solution you consider will have its value proposition and selling features. Each will have its pros and cons. There’s nothing wrong with some whizz-bang, but the most important thing is confirming whether the solution meets your needs.

A large part of your evaluation for whether an association management system is the right fit should consider the AMS provider themselves. After all, when you invest in a member management software, you are investing in its provider (and their culture).

When discussing the solution, gauge how much confidence the provider is giving you regarding how much they stand behind their offering. What are they saying you get when buying into their product? Are they making you feel like they care about your long-term user experience, or are they keen to close the deal (and run)?

Transparency is everything when choosing an AMS. Make sure your provider bares their soul so you can glean an informed forecast of what your relationship with that provider may look like. There shouldn’t be any surprises. Do your due diligence to ensure your organization and the provider are seeing eye to eye.

As an organization in the market to invest in an AMS, you hold the power position – remember that. There’s no shortage of options. The provider must make you feel at ease. Otherwise, they don’t deserve your business. Below are a few key reasons why you (the organization) are in control of your AMS destiny. If a prospective provider is not showing mindfulness to these subjects, that should serve as a red flag.

The human brain is wired to identify persuasion of the disingenuous kind. And, we (as humans) are socially conditioned (or have evolved) to resist going along with this type of encouragement. For this reason, the provider must be genuine and make it abundantly clear how they intend to benefit associations with their solution.
AMS providers must found trustworthy relationships with their end users. This is, obviously, easier said then done. Especially when you are attempting to sell someone something (a notoriously untrustworthy position to be in). However, it can be done – trust can be achieved. As mom always says, “honesty is the best policy”. Be up front about what your service includes and what it does not. You’re asking for your customer relationship to go sour when they are surprised by unsolved issues or additional costs. Communicate clearly what you are providing and put everything out on the table. If your customer can’t trust you, your AMS solution will be a flash in the pan.
Online Reviews
Because we have made a community of the online world, the way you support your customers is more important than ever. If you want to survive and thrive as a business, there’s no such thing as cutting and running anymore. If you pressure a customer into investing in your AMS solution, then disappear as soon as the deal is done, you will get lambasted online (and everyone will see it). Customer reviews are your marketing department. Reviews of your solution don’t need to be perfect. On the contrary, customers find perfect scores suspicious. However, your score must be solid if you want to have healthy inbound leads. The only way to get those strong reviews is to follow through on what you say you’ll do and stand behind your solution by continually supporting the effective use of your association management software by the customer.

When discussing the AMS solution a provider offers, self-advocate. Go with your gut – is the provider being transparent and forthwith? Consider whether the provider is being cognizant of how you will make your decision, is respectful of your power as a customer and is doing everything within reason to build a trusting relationship. By doing this, there should be no surprises and your use of their AMS solution should be smooth sailing.