Manage your membership, not your members.

Guild is a cloud-based member management system that is simple to implement and is customized and automated for the way you do things - making the management of your association a walk in the park.

Simple, Intuitive and Convenient

Streamlined Member Management

With Guild, navigating your member directory is the way it should be - quick and easy. With the system’s powerful filter and search functionality, your membership is right at your fingertips.

Intuitive Event Registration

Planning and managing association events should be fun and exciting - not stressful and confusing. Guild supports the execution of successful events through automated member notifications, simple to use sign-ups and easy to understand registration infographics.

Convenient Interfacing

There’s nothing that slows things down like the duplication of effort - manually moving information from one program to the next. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste that time. Guild interfaces with your association’s existing software programs so important information can be automatically shared.

Why choose Guild?

The best way for professional administrators and registrars to manage and forecast association goals and outcomes - creating an ideal environment for membership growth.

Easy to Understand & Use

Many association management systems are cumbersome and require lengthy tutorials to be applied efficiently. Not so with Guild. Our system was developed with administrators and members in mind and is built to make everything straight forward and intuitive.

Customized & Configurable

Guild adapts to the way your association does things - so you don’t need to change anything to use it. Not only that, Guild evolves with you as your needs change, making it a future-proof solution.

Comprehensive End-User Support

This is rare, and that’s why we’re so proud of it. With Guild, your association and its membership will be directly supported by our team of system specialists. If a member is having an issue with the system, they will be supported by Guild - instead of your administrators having to troubleshoot.

Seamless integration between website & AMS

Capitalize on the advantage of having your AMS provider and website developer under one roof.

The difference for our members has been amazing. Everything is done through our website and now members can apply for membership, update their personal and work information, log their continuing education, and reports can be generated with ease along with payments can be done online. It was im...

Janice Jones Executive Director/Registrar NSCMLT

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