Your professional administrators and association members have direct access to our Guild technicians when support is needed. Guild has a built-in, easy to access widget that allows users to submit a request for troubleshooting. Once received, our technicians will promptly respond to the query with the solution. Members having direct access to our technicians is a huge benefit to your administrators as they will not need to play the middleman between their membership and the AMS provider. Oh, and the technical support we provide is free. At Guild, we stand behind our solution.

With Guild, your association can use whatever method(s) of payment you prefer to process. That means, whatever method of payment you accept now, if you want to keep using that method after implementing Guild, you will be empowered to do so. Our solution is completely customizable so it can be made to function exactly as you want it to – whether it be regarding transactions or any other facet of your association’s workflow.

Yes! Guild is a sister company to Electric Playground, which has decades of experience in building appealing websites for its customers. Through this partnership, our team is uniquely positioned to restructure and revise your website so it can accomplish what your organization needs. What’s more, we can create a seamless transition portal between the site we develop and our Guild solution – making an ideal user experience that is smooth and straight-forward.

The length of time it takes to transition your data from your existing AMS to Guild will depend on the breadth and depth of the information and the scope of the implementation project as a whole. However, we are committed to transparency and want to empower our customers to accurately plan their schedule. So, with those values driving the way we do business and the manner we implement Guild, timelines will be described in detail once the scope is agreed upon and prior to project kick-off. As for the security of your data during transition, we take every reasonable precaution to ensure transference goes off without a hitch. You should have no concerns regarding the loss of data when transitioning from one association management system to another.

If an AMS provider is attempting to convince your association that you will need to adapt your methods to take on their system, you should reconsider whether you are entering into a healthy customer-provider relationship. At Guild, we believe the solution you invest in should complement your existing processes as well as your visions of the future. It definitely should not make you change the way your association prefers to do things or hamper your workflow. No matter how exclusive or uncommon your association’s processes are, Guild can accommodate them. When developing the Guild solution, the idea was to create something so malleable that it can become whatever each of our customers requires – and, that’s exactly what Guild is capable of doing. Your AMS should not be a problem – it should solve problems and make managing your association easier. With Guild – as customizable and configurable as it is – you will feel like it is a purpose-built solution, made specifically for your association.


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