Comprehensive end-user support

Whatever AMS solution your association implements, it should function well. However, even the greatest technical solutions have hiccups from time to time. At Guild, we firmly believe it’s not your administrators’ job to deal with these issues. They should be left to manage your membership as a whole – not spend their precious time troubleshooting software.

For this reason, Guild has a team of technical professionals ready and available to resolve any system issues users may experience – whether it is an administrator or member that has identified the problem.

Users can directly contact our team of technicians through the use of a built-in support component and will receive guidance promptly. Our team places great importance in providing our clients (and their members) with fast and meaningful response and resolution to any and all issues.

Bottom line, we stand behind our solution.

Many AMS providers develop their offering with the intention to be hands-off. Not so with Guild. Our greatest attribute is that we stay in your corner, throughout your use of Guild. We want our solution to support your administrators’ efforts and empower your members. With Guild, you’re not only investing in a powerful member management software, you’re investing in peace of mind. With our technicians ensuring the solution functions as it should, you can focus on continually growing and improving your association.