Does Your AMS Educate Your Members?

Your members are the most important part of your association, and members that feel supported and valued are an association’s biggest asset. It’s important to consider how your AMS can help members feel supported to grow and develop. A good AMS can be a tool for your members to use to grow and nurture their skills. It can also be a tool for you to keep track of how your members are doing, what their goals are, and how they are progressing towards them. E-learning is a way to add this value to your AMS and help your members to grow within your organization.

Having e-learning built in to your AMS gives your members the ability to access important educational documents, courses, and learning modules. It also gives you the ability to test your members through quizzes and formal examinations. An effective e-learning element as part of your AMS will also let you track the progress of your members as they go through learning modules and exams. You can ensure that members have completed required units prior to renewal, or ensure that essential learning modules have been studied.

If your AMS does not have the ability to add e-learning as a module for your members then it could be time to consider changing to one that does.

Guild can offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to e-learning, meaning that you can provide an online learning environment that best suits your members. With Guild’s e-learning module an association has the ability to have complete control of learning modules, tests, and exams, it’s a simple process from start to finish.

Setting up learning modules is the first step in creating an e-learning environment. Being able to fully customize a learning module allows you to ensure the quality and consistency of the content that your members will be viewing. Using Guild you can add reading materials, how-to guides, videos, images, infographics, and more. This customizable module building also allows your association to change materials any time you need to change or update them, meaning that users will never have out of date material, and your association won’t have to rebuild an entire learning module to update it.

With any e-learning function it’s important to be able to set parameters on certain modules and tests. If there are none set, then there is no way of ensuring a member completes specific modules in appropriate time. Guild allows you as an administrator to set certain parameters to make sure that modules can be optional or required. If a module is required as a condition of membership then a member will not be able to renew their membership until that module is completed.

Learning modules provide the biggest benefit to members when they contain learning materials, visual aides, and practice tests to reinforce the learning material. With Guild’s e-learning capability you will be able to create challenging and engaging quizzes and tests that can help members when they proceed through modules before taking a final exam. When a member goes through a practice test you can choose whether they will see correct answers on submission, hints, explanations, and tips on the learning material.

At the end of a learning module there should be a final exam for members to take so that they can formally complete and pass the module. You should be able to set the exam questions and the marking parameters. It’s also beneficial for you as an administrator to know that the exam is taken in one attempt. Guild allows you the freedom to create exam questions and to ensure that once an exam has started a user must complete it.

When a user has finished an exam the ideal experience is that they can review their results and see explanations of answers. This is exactly how a user experiences an examination using Guild. A user will be able to review the finished and marked exam, and download a certificate showing they have completed the module. An admin can view how many attempts a user has made to complete a module as well as how long it may have taken them.

As an administrator it is important to have control of e-learning modules as well as the ability to make the most out of modules. This is why with Guild you are able to have a comprehensive overview of all e-learning modules you are offering with the ability to quickly see which members have completed them. If your association has partner associations in other regions you can also share learning modules. This means that your association and other associations can share ideas and learning methods to benefit all of your members.

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