Happy Holidays

From the team at Guild to you and yours, we hope this holiday season finds you happy, healthy and surrounded with merriment.

During this festive time, it is customary to reflect on the year and celebrate our accomplishments. At Guild, we have quite a bit to be proud of in 2019. Here are just a few of the successes we are appreciative of this holiday season.

Our Team

This year, the Guild team grew quite a bit. Our AMS solution’s success has given us the occasion to add areas of expertise to our organization that weren’t present up until this point. What this means for the future is that Guild is able to offer a more precise and optimized service than ever before.

New Clients

We continue to be thankful for our existing clients and early adopters. In serving your membership (and association as a whole), we have continually improved our solution through the experience your partnership has provided. To our new clients brought into the fold this year, we thank you for choosing Guild and look forward to directly supporting your administrators and members like no other AMS solution on the market. The larger the variety of industries we have represented in our client-base, the more comprehensive the Guild solution becomes.


Guild expanded its reach into new provinces and countries in 2019. Much like when we become familiarized with new industries; we learn quite a bit, are exposed to new regulatory parameters, and improve the offerings of the Guild AMS when entering new geographic locations. We are always very proud of our solution when it finds a new piece of the map to call home and we fully expect that to happen more and more in the new year.


The association industry is stronger and growing faster than ever. The professional industries they serve are benefiting from the communities these associations establish. In turn, we get to meet and collaborate with these wonderful people (administrators and members alike). We feel very fortunate to play the part we do in servicing the association industry. Associations are created to bring people with like interests and backgrounds together so they may interact with each other, become more familiar with those that make up the industry and learn from one another – improving the overall performance of their profession. It’s all very positive and we consider ourselves lucky to contribute to the continued success of these community ideals.

If your New Year’s resolution is to adopt or transition to a new association management system in 2020, by all means, please contact a Guild representative to learn more or schedule a live demo of our solution by clicking here.

Again, Happy Holidays from Guild – to you and yours. We hope your holiday season is everything you wish it to be, and more.