Expanding Reach with Your AMS

Effectively communicate with and provide value to your membership

Keeping existing members and drawing in new ones is very important in maintaining a healthy and thriving association community. You’ll need to routinely provide current members with valuable content and resources, while connecting with prospective members to endear your association’s value proposition to them. Managing these interactions can be confusing to track, cumbersome to action and time consuming. Not to mention, ineffective. That is, if they are being conducted manually.

Fortunately, we aren’t the Flintstones and do not live in the stone-age. We don’t need to strap messages to pigeons’ feet and send them on their way. We can be much more strategic and decisive than that. With the implementation of a comprehensive and robust association management system, your professional administrators will be empowered to conduct impactful marketing campaigns for both members and potential members via email. What’s more, they’ll be able to accomplish this in no time at all, as your AMS will do most of the heavy lifting in getting the word out.

Member management software connects your association to its members and prospects so thoroughly that the going concerns of a community being left in the dark can be taken off your list of worries once and for all. When your AMS has integrated email marketing components that make reaching out to your membership as simple as can be, you’ve positioned your association to successfully nurture positive interactions, and by virtue, positive relationships.

The below are some examples of the elements that should be present for your association administrators are sending out marketing content through your AMS.

Customizable Content
This one is an obvious must-have. Each marketing campaign is going to call for something entirely different. If your association’s messaging always has the same look and feel, the recipient won’t even register that what they are receiving is something new and exciting and something they should pay attention to. Administrators should be able to customize any marketing content they send out into the ether – without question. If your current system restricts you in your ability to make your marketing what it needs to be to be effective, re-evaluate that system. Your quality of content is extremely important in getting the draw you desire.
Plain and simple, if your association isn’t automating their email marketing, you just aren’t going to be able to service members and prospects in a meaningful way. There are far too many people you need to reach (in small windows of time) and, at times, the same message needs to be delivered differently to achieve the same desired outcome. Your AMS must empower you to automate the release of information. You should be able to craft your marketing content, out ahead of the release, and schedule an automatic trigger for the content to be distributed. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but taking this task off of administrators’ plates will make an appreciable impact on their ability to focus their efforts more deliberately – where their concentration may be better served.
After you’ve crafted your different variations of content for a particular campaign, it’s time to send that messaging out accordingly. Manually targeting the unique groups of people that make up your membership is going to slow down your professional administrators too much. You need to be able to automate your targeted marketing. Fortunately, that can be easily accomplished via your membership management system. It’s as simple as creating customized bins to place specific members within. Once you have your members attached to one of these custom bins, you can drop the purposed content into the respective bin and that messaging will be automatically slingshot to all those members included in that bin. The last thing you want is for your email marketing campaign to be hindered by a clunky system that doesn’t allow for automated targeting. By drawing on the capability of your AMS, administrators will not miss key opportunities to market to existing and prospective members with content tailored specifically for the reader.
Last but not least – you can truly optimize your marketing material over time if you are able to analyze your content’s performance. This can be done through your association management system’s dashboard. Track the impact your messaging is having and identify what content is producing the results you want to see.

Continual marketing is absolutely necessary in maintaining the health of your association. You’ve got to keep existing members happy with the value they are being provided and attract new members with your value proposition. Your association can only achieve this through consistent and quality communication. The most effective method to make this happen is through the automation and customizability of your AMS.