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What’s an API and Why Does It Matter?

There are so many acronyms – too many. At times it can feel like there’s a jumbled alphabet bouncing around in your brain. In the tech world, it’s no exception – there’s a shorthand for everything. Fortunately, deciphering these acronyms isn’t the most important thing. Knowing what the letters stand for is far less important than what they refer to in practice.

Customized but Configurable

How Customizable Should Your AMS Be?

Your organization should not be expected to adapt to the system you adopt. On the contrary, the association management software you choose should be adaptable to your existing workflow. Furthermore, your AMS should be capable of growing and changing with your organization. You should not be eternally beholden to a particular approach.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Is Your Association Management Software Easy to Use?

You should be given training and ongoing guidance from your AMS provider on how to use your system. However, your association management software should be so straightforward and simple to understand that asking for help will be a rare event.

Regularly Updated

The Development of Your AMS Should Never End

If a piece of software is advertised “you get what you see, nothing more and nothing less”, that should raise suspicions. Certainly, the AMS you choose should meet your current needs – that’s the bare minimum. However, your organization should also benefit from future add-ons and improvements. Your AMS provider should never stop optimizing their offering.


If You’re Managing Your Association Online – It’s Gotta Be Secure

Your AMS houses a large amount of sensitive member information. Ask your provider how your information, and the system as a whole, is protected against breaches. Part of creating a reliable experience and growing your membership is assuring security.

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