Manage organization content

House Association Content and Resources with an AMS

An AMS is the best platform for inventorying content and resources specific to your association. Through a member management system, both administrators and members can easily upload manuals, practices, policies, schematics, or any type of documentation resource. Once on the system, they can then be accessed, downloaded, shared and / or referenced with just a couple of clicks.

Being able to index documentation on an AMS provides many benefits. The below are just a few of the advantages your association can expect with the implementation of a comprehensive membership management software.

Cloud-Based Storage
An organization’s documentation is important. However, housing these documents can be a real struggle without running out of server space. Often times, organizations will attempt to alleviate this issue by offloading documentation – usually uploading their library on to several cloud-based services (to ensure redundancy). The trustworthy security and storage of your reference material is paramount. Placing your documents on an AMS is a great place to house your information, and free up space on your servers.
Valuable Reference Library
Where administrators or other members share information openly within the AMS, the system becomes a very valuable resource to draw from. The more that members choose to share best practices that they have to offer, the more valuable the AMS will be to users.
Contribute to Association Knowledgebase
By sharing best practices and reference materials with other members via the AMS, you are positively impacting the association’s knowledgebase. By doing this, you may even influence the strategic direction of the association. Positive contributions, like the sharing of best practices, enriches the AMS as a resource and encourages others to do the same – which will result on a greater return on investment with regard to your membership dues.
Get Qualified Feedback
You can draw on other members within the AMS to get their thoughts and opinions regarding specific reference material. You can rest assured that the feedback you receive within the member management software ecosystem is of a qualified variety. The people providing the feedback will be colleagues who operate in the same industry or profession as your organization.

Your AMS can become a compendium of pertinent and valuable reference material with an involved and contributive membership. With administrators and members adding their resources to the growing content library of your AMS, it may become the premier place to draw information from.